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Coaching Programs

While a single coaching conversation can be transformational in its own right, most outcomes which are truly important will take commitment and will present you with unexpected challenges and opportunities to step up and stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone.  Many of my clients work together with me anywhere from 1 to 6 months so I highly recommend taking advantage of the discounted prices and bonuses.     My rates do occasionally change so be sure to check before signing up.

To your highest and best,

Jason R. Schneider

Three Month Commitment:            BEST VALUE

  • 4x60 minute Sessions per month
  • 4x10 Minute Power Session
  • Unlimited email contact

Investment: $1400

One Month Commitment:

  • 4x60 minute Sessions
  • 1x10 Minute Power Session
  • Unlimited email contact

Investment: $540

Individual Sessions

60 Minute Meta-Coaching Conversation: $150

Ideal for gaining clarity, clarifying outcomes, planning, making a decision, or extensive internal change work or resourcing.

25 Minute Meta-Coaching Conversation: $60

Gain clarity, create a rough action plan or detail out a plan further, move towards decision, make an internal shift, or access internal resources for an upcoming challenge.

10 Minute Power Coaching Conversation: $30

Quick but powerful conversation to achieve a targeted transformational change.  Quite the experience! If you haven't experience this yet the results are well worth the investment.

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